The restaurant is a gem in the heart of the City Park. It is like a remote place, far from the crowded city bringing back the atmosphere of the Golden Age of the late 19th, early 20th century, when people had time to sit down and eat well. Treat yourself to a meal, forget about passing time and taste the dishes and flavours of the old Hungarian cuisine in the heart of Budapest!

The restaurant in the 130 years old building can host special events spent in an amazing ambiance, fine lunches, working dinners, and cafés. 
Enjoy the meals selected from traditional Hungarian recipes in this unique location, , enjoying either the indoor or the outdoor seating areas.

About the cuisine

Having a look at a cook book from the late 19th century the first thing to realize is that traditional cuisine appears to be richer than is today. Larger amount of vegetables and meat were used and the ways of meal preparation was also richer. Today’s Hungarian cuisine is just a small part of what was known at that time, they used and eaten: capon, pigeon, frog legs, wild boar, different kinds of fish and crawfish prepared in many ways in sauces, soups, pies. 

This is why the idea was born to revive old recipes and restore them according to contemporary taste. 
This has been a real challenge, but we are convinced that to eat well is an important element of well-being. So the best of Hungarian cuisine came to new life in the renewed park of Budapest.