Guideline for visitors photo

Guideline for visitors

Visitors’ rules


The cloakroom is free. Prior to visiting the exhibition, please, leave your bags, backpacks, umbrella and luggage larger than 30×40×20 cm in the cloakroom. Small backpacks may be brought into the exhibition if they are carried on your front or on your side. The exhibition cannot be visited with coats on arms and wet coats. Water in plastic bottles, food or drink cannot be brought in or consumed. Living animals (except helping dogs as per 27/2009. XII. 3.) are not allowed to be brought into the exhibition hall, and auditorium. Weapons and hazardous materials are not permitted in the House. In case it is medically justified one, 0,5 litre bottle of liquid held in bag is permitted. Two bags of smaller than 40x50x80 cm are allowed per visitor. No bicycles, rollers are allowed in. Deposit is to be given for the use of the cloak room - a 100 Ft coin.


Photos and videos are allowed to be taken without special permission . Photos can be taken exclusively for personal use and but not for sale.The use of flash, photo-stands, selfie stick and stabilizer, however, are forbidden. Photos can be taken exclusively for personal use and not for sale. 


Guided tours can be held only by the trained guides of the House of the Hungarian Millennium. 


Visitors are asked to keep voices low and be respectful towards other fellow visitors. Mobile phones should be set and kept on vibrate or silent mode in the exhibition hall and the auditorium during the whole duration of the visit. 


The House of the Hungarian Millennium welcomes young visitors, but children under 12 are not allowed to stay in the exhibition hall without being accompanied by an related adult. 


Smoking, including electronic cigarettes is prohibited on the whole territory of the Millennium House.


Disabled visitors can use the exterior lift by the main stairs to enter the building, by calling the security staff by pressing the button. In the building the lift can be used independently. 



The exhibition and the auditorium closes at 17:00, the last time for issuing tickets and entering the exhibition is at 16:00. We ask you to leave the building when the staff starts closing, and take your belongings from the cloakroom, if necessary, at 16:50, the latest.


Group leaders, teachers or parents (or guides with special permission) are liable for the behaviour of every member of their group so they to follow the rules of the House. 


During the guided tours visitors receive a tablet. These tablets with the information provided on them will enhance the experience. Visitors are obliged to use the tablets properly and handle them back upon departure. Visitors are accepting full liability for the tablets they use during the guided tours.