Night of museums

This year, the “Night of Museums” will take place on Saturday, June 26, 2021. This will be the 19th occasion that museums open their doors wide on the Saturday closest to Midsummer Night, the shortest night of the year.  

Buy your ticket at the House of the Hungarian Millennium!


The specialist handicraft classes are offered to children aged between 6-12 years. The programmes run by professionals focus on creative work – cutting, colouring, gluing, painting and are always having a central theme. The kids can also take part in nursery rhymes, story telling and singing.  


Visitors can take part in guided walks led by our specialist guide who presents the history of the House. These guided walks are slotted in the general timetable of exhibition visits.: The tour starts on the announced slots. Visitors can also visit the exhibition either before or after the guided walk. This visit requires a separate booking!

Please be informed that the tour is guided in Hungarian only.

History of the City Park exhibition

The House of the Hungarian Millennium was opened with the exhibition about the history of the City Park. 

One of the most memorable elements of the exhibition is the life-scale figure of Archangel Gabriel from the Millennium Monument, as nobody had the opportunity, until now to make a selfie with a statue standing on a 36 metre high column!